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Tips for a Standout CV

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Top tips for writing a standout CV

Your CV is your first chance to impress a recruiter, so you need to spend some time getting this right. Perfecting your application will stand you in good stead for getting shortlisted and securing yourself an interview. Here are some handy tips when it comes to writing a great CV.

Choose the best type of CV for you

CV layoutFrom an academic CV, to a chronological one, there are a range of different templates to suit every job hunter, at every stage in their career. As such, it’s vital that you choose the right style for you. For example, freelancers and contractors are most likely to benefit from chronological or combined CVs, which allow them to highlight their employment history and specialist skills.

Make your personal profile count

When hiring, recruiters may be reviewing a huge number of CVs. As such, they don’t spend long on each application. Because of this, it’s important that you grab their attention immediately – and your personal profile is your chance to do this! Found at the top of your CV, your profile outlines who you are and your career goals. This part of your CV should be between 50 – 150 words and you need to make every one of them count.

Use keywords throughout

CV KeywordsWhen putting your CV together, re-read the job description and highlight any of the keywords or skills that you possess. These could be soft skills, hard skills or industry terms. For example, strong communication skills, attention to detail, or more specific system skills such as Salesforce CRM or PPC (an example of a marketing industry term). You can then use these throughout your CV. Doing this helps the recruiter to quickly identify that you match their criteria as they read over your application. Also recruiters are increasingly using AI and software to analyse CVs,these systems are looking for these key words, so be sure to include them.

Keep it short and sweet

Your CV needs to be as short and sweet as possible. It also needs to be clearly laid out. Keep it to a page long, certainly no longer than two A4 pages! Use a clear font of a reasonable size and try not to be too creative with the layout. Although you might think that funky deign will help you stand out, it could actually be distracting and damage your chances of being shortlisted.

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