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Interview tips to land your dream job

Interview Body Language

Interview tips to land your dream job

Interviews represent a substantial component in the job application process. At this stage, your personality and skills are presented to your potential employers in a face to face engagement. During the conversation, the interviewers ask questions aiming to know you better and see how good of a fit you are for the team. Even though being honest and true to yourself is important for the process, it is usually not enough to guarantee you a successful result. What are some important steps you need to take before an interview, in order to make a great impression?

Research is the key

Interview ResearchWhen approaching you as a potential candidate, interviewers are examining your willingness to adapt to the job position above any other skills or competences. Researching the basics about the company such as its mission, primary focus and briefly “what they do”, will certainly help you in this aspect. In addition, it is always a plus to know the background of your interviewers. This way, you can create a better sense of what they might be interested in knowing about you as well as look for common areas of interest that in return will boost your interaction during the flow of the interview. Another thing you can research concerning your interview are also questions asked in the past, or sample questions. Just remember, you are not looking at these questions to learn their answers by heart, you are only using them to create a feeling about the kind of information you might be asked to share and prepare yourself for it. Despite researching these details in advance, do not take every question as an opportunity to show that you prepared beforehand. You do not want to come up as showing off. Research is a key to a good preparation but be mindful of using only as much information as you will be asked for.

Dress code

Dressing appropriately is one of the most important interview tips and it is closely related to the previous one. When we get ready for an interview we tend to dress in a formal style. However, formal is not always the right dress code. You don’t want to dress too serious or not serious enough. By researching the company like it was mentioned above, you will definitively come across several of its actual employees. Looking at their styles will help you create an idea of how you fit into it or at least measure how formal or casual it is. You can get a lot about a company’s culture from their website, social network pages or LinkedIn profile. After all, if their culture does not make you feel comfortable maybe you are not going to the right interview.

Body language

Interview Body LanguageBody language can often say more about you than you can say about yourself. This is particularly true and can be tricky during interviews, when you are paying most of your attention to your thoughts and speech. Unfortunately, the way your body expresses your feelings and thoughts, is not as easily mastered as your verbal skills. Being cautious about it, however, will definitively help you. Moving too much, just like excessive talking, will make you look not concentrated and serious enough. On the other side, freezing in front of your interviewers will reflect nervousness and lack of confidence, and it is vital to establish trust. One way to detect your body language is to talk in front of a mirror, while trying to improve details of your movements that seem exaggerated or stiff.

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