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Job hunting tips for contractors 

Job hunt for contractor

Job hunting tips for contractors

Whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer, or you’ve been doing it for years, job searching as a contractor can feel challenging. Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular, but it can still be difficult to find the right roles amongst the thousands of full time job listings out there.

But with more businesses now recruiting for contractors, we’ve put together our top job hunting tips to help you land your next gig in no time!

Create a great contractor CV

The best way to set yourself up for a successful job search is by perfecting your contractor CV. This will take a slightly different approach to a generic CV as it places more importance on your previous experience than other formats. Be sure to include your most recent and relevant employment; tailoring each application to the specific job role and company (recruiters can spot a generic CV a mile off).

As you outline each project you’ve worked on, highlight the results you delivered and the impact these had on the business. Illustrate these with real examples and quantify them where you can. This helps the recruiter to quickly see why you’d be great for their business.

Use the right job boards

To give yourself the best chance of finding great freelance roles, use contractor specific job sites like Bright Reach. These are specifically designed to bring together contractors with recruiters who are looking for their services. If you do choose to use some of the more generic job boards as well, be careful to use the right keywords to help you narrow down your job search.

Keep growing your network

You should keep growing your network throughout your career, but this can be particularly helpful during your job search. Network with other contractors and agencies using online sites like LinkedIn, or by attending industry events. You never know when someone in your network may be able to point you in the direction of a great job opportunity.

Don’t be afraid to cold pitch

If you see a role that you really like the look of, but it doesn’t specify that the company is looking to hire a freelancer, this doesn’t mean you can’t inquire. Pitching your services to a potential employer (who you know to uses technology you support for example) could help them to understand the benefits of hiring a contractor and land you the role you wanted!

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