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How to avoid common CV mistakes

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Avoid the common CV mistakes

As a job seeker, you will have to provide a proper interface to your potential employers. The most generally accepted such document is the CV (or resume). Submitting a CV that fairly presents your accomplishments and skills is crucial to progress in the recruitment process. However, in many instances, trying too hard to create the perfect one can have the opposite impact. What are some of the most common mistakes people make that devalues their CV?


CV layoutThe look of the document is quite important; the easier it is for the eye to read, the better. I have come across several online platforms that create colourful, fancy designs with several lines and graphs included. In such cases, people go an extra mile, and use editing tools such as Photoshop to perfect their game. These kinds of resumes look very pleasant. However, if the job you are applying for is not related to design or art in any way, it would be more efficient using a simple format in order to avoid any type of confusion. You do not know how much time a recruiter will spend on your CV, so you want to list everything in such a way that it is easy to find and easy to understand. This is exactly why a long document might not be practical to read and in many cases more is less.  When listing your experience and your skills, try to fit everything within one or one and a half page, to avoid any lack of attention or interest.

KISS- Keep it Stupid Simple

You want each of your accomplishments to be stated, and this is understandable, you have worked hard to get there. However, as mentioned above you don’t want to go to far, in order to keep it plain and short. There is no need explain everything with details. If your past experiences include commonly known job positions with similar duties across industries, you can avoid explaining them. Similarly, if you have worked with well known companies or companies that can be found in search engines, safe your self-time and space by only listing their name. In addition, try to use a simple language and be as practical as you can. Fancy words might make your CV look wordy and confusing.

Adapt CV to match the role

Using the same CV for different job openings or different companies is a common mistake that people don’t realize they make. Different employers are looking for different qualities. To increase your chances, you should research the company and the job opening and understand which skills and experience they would value the most. Those are the ones that you will emphasise on the most.

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