What is the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruitment?

Artificial Intelligence

The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruitment

AI or Artificial Intelligence describes the intellect found in machines fueled by software. These software systems are often capable of creating a virtual perception of the surrounding environment and learn from it in order to maximise the success rate of carrying out a specific task. E-mail filters, self-driven vehicles, face recognition technologies and many more instances of soft technologies that have created a whole new level of convenience in our daily routines, all classify as AI. Besides these practical daily implementations, AI has been quickly moving towards the business world. In fact, it is even being hired to assist professionals in decision-making processes such as recruitment.

AI and recruitment

AI Recruitment AlgorithmArtificial intelligence is helping companies by making the recruitment process shorter and more cost efficient. The most important job of AI is to pre-screen candidates and create a short list with the ones that are the most suitable for the job. When posting a job opening, companies can receive anything from a few to hundreds of applications. In the latter case, it can get difficult and time consuming for the recruitment team to go through all CVs and choose a few applicants only to continue the process. For this reason, the teams are using AI to select these applicants for them.

How does AI decide who is a good fit for the position?

The recruiters will input several key words that describe the perfect candidate. Later, the AI will read all the CVs, find the relevant words (if any) and classify them into categories such as “category Skills”. Each candidate will get weighted points for each word or skill. They will be ranked based on the total score and the top candidates will be shown as a short list. In addition, AI can calculate your relevant experience by reading the dates in your CV. It is important to pay attention to details when creating the CV because sometimes, AI would rank you lower as a candidate if there are date mistakes.

The automated process of recruitment is yet not perfect, and it can make mistakes in short listing, but is a great tool for recruiters and is improving with time.

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