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Becoming a freelancer?

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How to start working as a freelancer?

Working as a freelancer is a great way to make money and improve your skills without committing all your time to one project or company. Freelancing your skills gives you the benefits of working independently, full time or part time from any location including. However, getting started as a freelancer can sometimes be difficult and competitive. What are some steps you need to take to get a head start?

Find the site that fits you the best

Before going online, it is important to know which is the skill that you want to freelance. Once you know for sure which one it is, you go online and find the website that offers a proper market for your skills. Different freelancing sites specialise in different skills. For example, some sites mostly appeal to website developers and some others to writers. You should know which site fits your skills the best in order to maximise opportunities of getting hired.

Create a great profile

Do not expect to start working as soon as you register at the right site. As a new freelancer, you will not have reviews or online portfolio to help you stand out. Thus, having a well-structured profile is essential. To build one, you should research a little beforehand. You can search how other experienced freelancers on this site built their profile and how they are selling their skills. In addition, it is useful to read the materials that the site provides or get in touch with one of the site’s virtual assistants. They usually give tips gathered from all users’ experience. As you continue working, you should keep updating your profile with more relevant information.

It is important to put personal information in your profile, such as your photo, a description of yourself or even your CV. This helps to create trust between you and the potential buyers.

Ready to go

Freelancer Ready to goOnce your profile is approved, you can start looking for a project. As mentioned above, the competition is high, so when you find the project that is a good fit for your skills, create a bid that can stand out. In the beginning, you might have to make up for the lack of experience by offering a lower bid, which will get the attention of the buyer. The chances are that the bid alone will not be enough to make you the winner of the project. Together with the bid, you should write a description which will show the buyer that you fully understand what he/she needs and that you can provide it.

The beginning as a freelancer might be difficult and it requires a lot of work, but once you get some experience, it is very fun, rewarding and can provide a good work/life balance.

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