How can you increase your productivity as a freelancer?

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How do you increase productivity as a freelance?

Working as a freelancer is great in many ways. It gives you the advantage of choosing your own working hours and your own work place. You can practically work from everywhere as long as you have a laptop and internet connection. This freedom can sometimes cause lack of motivation and low productivity because you can easily get distracted from your surroundings or postpone the project for a later time. Below are some tips on how to become a more productive freelancer.

Choose your work place

The work place is important. To increase your performance, you should choose a work place or desk that is free of distraction. If you have the option to, choose not to work from home, instead decide on a place that you associate mostly with working. In case you have to be at home, find a place there where you can build your own little “office”. This place should not be near your bed, tv or anything that can easily distract you.


Freelancer ScheduleCreate daily or weekly schedules. By having a written plan, you will have a better idea of how much work you should do the following week or day. This will most probably motivate you to start working on specific tasks. You can choose between old fashioned pen and paper schedule and technology based one. The latter one has the option of reminders and it helps you schedule possible meetings. Writing it on paper will make you feel like you have already fulfilled one task. In addition, it gives you more freedom than the calendar, you can write your style, scratch or whatever works for you.

Set goals

The goals you set don’t need to be big ones. You can settle for several small ones instead. After each goal reached you will get a certain level of satisfaction, which will push you to keep working on meeting other goals. In addition, it is a good idea to decide on small rewards for yourself after reaching a certain amount of goals. For example, as a writer you can take an extra break every time you reach a certain amount of words.

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