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Keeping positive when job hunting as a freelancer

Freelancer staying possitive

How to keep a positive mindset when job hunting as a freelancer

Being a freelancer can be competitive. You need to be proactive to find clients and put yourself out there to build your brand and credibility. What’s more, as the gig economy becomes ever more popular, you may find yourself competing with lots of other contract workers. This can add to the pressure of finding work and sometimes cause you to feel stressed. But if you want to succeed as a freelancer you need to keep a positive mindset during your job search.

Below we share four simple ways you can keep a positive outlook when job hunting.

Setting yourself up

Set yourself up for the best possible search If you spend time setting yourself up for the job search, you’ll find it easier to keep a positive mindset. This means preparing your CV and cover letter, and having a clear idea of what you want from your job. You need to know the type of role you’re after, the industry you’d like to work in and the salary bracket you want.

Showcase yourself in various ways

Being thoroughly prepared beforehand will get your job search off to a better start. Spend time creating your professional profiles as mentioned above, you’ll want to get yourself set up for the search by creating a great CV and cover letter right from the start. But it’s also a good idea to perfect your blog, website or online portfolio as well. This way you’re ready to showcase your skills and previous work, meaning you can really focus on putting together a great application and feeling calm and confident when applying. Otherwise you might find a job you like the look of and end up throwing a portfolio together just so you can apply.

Don’t let rejection get you down

Don’t take rejection personally. Unfortunately, you won’t get every job you apply for and sometimes you won’t even hear back from an application. Other times you might be invited to interview but turned down in the later stages. It’s vital that you don’t take rejection personally. It could simply be the case that someone had that bit more experience than you.

Remember, there is a job out there for you

Take each step in your stride and learn from every interview or application you submit. This will help you to look on the positive side and not become downhearted during the search. Know there’s a job out there for you. An important part of staying positive is keeping in your mind that there is a job out there for you. It might take a while to find and you might have to apply for a number of jobs along the way, but don’t let this get you down, it’s just part of the job hunting process.

There is a job out there for you, always remember that and you’ll approach your search with the right frame of mind.

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