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Practical tips to make your job application stand out

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Tips to make your job application stand out from the crowd

After finding a job that best suits your needs and qualifications, the next and most important step during a job-hunting process consists in convincing the hiring team you that you are the best fit for them. Most of the good job openings have multiple candidates reaching up to several hundred applications. The majority of these applicants believe they have what it takes for winning the position and would take all necessary steps to stand on top of the list. Under these circumstances, what can you do to “beat” your competition and improve your chances of getting hired?

Do your research

ResearchingBefore you send out the application read the job description carefully. Understand if the requirements and the duties are consistent with your resume. Research the prospective employee by visiting their website and their social media accounts. These sources would help you understand the company’s culture, their leadership team, and maybe their workplace. Furthermore, there are websites and blogs that specialise in reviewing work conditions of different places. These websites help you create an idea on what to expect in job interviews and what to ask for.

Make your CV specific to the roles

It takes time and effort to create a good CV and a good motivation letter. Therefore, people tend to stop trying once they have created decent ones and they use these for most of their future applications. However, what is best for one job is not for another.

Dedicate few extra hours to modify your CV and motivation letter by personalising it in accordance to the specific position you are applying for. Mention some of the company’s values that you relate to. By doing so, you will not only show them that you have done your research but also that you are a motivated candidate.

Following up

Interview follow upAfter submitting your application the last thing you will want to do is to stay back and wait for the call. As mentioned above, a good job opening has many applications and no matter how good yours might be, it will always face the risk of getting lost along with the pile. Following up with your potential employees is a good way to remind them of you and your skills. There are several ways to do so: you can send a thank you email/note, you can ask questions that you might have missed during the interview or you can connect on LinkedIn (social media) where appropriate. It is important to not overdo it, one or two emails would be enough, while more frequent reminders could easily escalate to “harassment”.

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