How to create the perfect consultant website

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Create the perfect consultant website

Creating a website has become relatively easy. A smart device and internet connection can be enough for anyone to create one within hours. Many companies and individuals are creating their own sites. If you are in the field of consultancy or you are aiming to enter this market, it is beneficiary to have a well built professional website. It is a time and cost-efficient way to present yourself and your work to potential clients. It is efficient because it makes it possible for clients to find you, instead of you finding them. What are some ways to create a successful consultant web page?

Make it personal

Website Design DrawingIn order to create a connection with visitors and prospect clients, make your page personal. Many consultants choose to use their full name as the address of the page. This approach helps you to do the very first presentation with the client. It also helps the client feel more confident in scrolling further because the site itself is responsible for the reputation of a real person. Another way to gain the visitors’ trust is to write a clear introduction of yourself, also known as the about section. Keep the introduction short and to the point. Do not write more than two paragraphs because people might not read it all and might miss important information.

Including a photo of yourself in the about section can have mixed results. It might help you create a connection with prospect clients, but it might also create a bias on the clients’ side. Thus, having a photo is a personal call to make.


Create content that is relevant to your field and the service you are selling. The content posted helps improve SEO and increase the traffic in your page, which in turn brings more clients in, improving the chances of getting hired. In addition, it makes it easier for the clients to validate your work by simply looking at the blog content related to your expertise field. In addition to attracting new clients, your personal page also serves as a place where you can store all your articles so there is no risk of losing them on the web. When you write professional articles for other blogs, eventually there might be a risk for them to be deleted.

It is important to make your website interactive, by leaving options for visitors to comment or ask questions. Not only it helps increase the traffic, but it also gives you helpful feedback.

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