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The skills you need to look for in every contractor’s CV

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Contractor CVs and what to look out for

Sifting through CVs can be time consuming. As such, it helps to have a system in place that allows you to quickly identify those who might be a good fit for the role. There are certain transferable skills that you need to look out for in every contractor’s CV. Keep these in mind when you’re reviewing applications and you can quickly begin to produce a shortlist of talented candidates. Here are the top skills you need to look out for.

Communication skills

Good communication skills are key when hiring a freelancer. If someone is joining your business to help with particular project, or their contract isn’t very long, you want to know they’ll be able to jump straight in. This means they need to be able to listen to the existing team, quickly get to grips with your product or services and then share and action their own ideas. All of which takes great communication skills.

Problem solving

This is particularly important if you’ve brought a contractor on to solve a certain issue or problem within your business. But it’s also a vital skill for all freelancers, who need to be able to recognise when things aren’t working and put an effective solution in place to overcome this.


You want a contractor who is self-motivated. After all, they are solely responsible for managing their own workload and keeping organised. What’s more, you want them to achieve the best results for your business and therefore you need them to stay motivated and working their hardest throughout their contract with you.

Attention to detail

If you’ve hired someone because they say they’re an expert in their field, the last thing you want is for them to make an error. In fact, you want them to provide the best possible service and therefore you need to look out for attention to detail. This is an important skill as it allows your contractor to jump straight in, get to know your industry and business quickly, and ensure they pick up their daily tasks right away.


You want to choose someone who can be flexible with their working arrangements. For example, they need to be open to their contract extending. They also need to be able to take on various responsibilities (sometimes additional to those originally outlined in the job description) and get to grips with the working hours and company culture in your business.

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