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Should you conduct phone interviews before meeting with a contractor?

Phone Interview

Should you conduct phone interviews before meeting with a contractor?

You conduct interviews to get to know a potential contractor, check out their portfolio and have a conversation with them to assess if they’re a good match for your business. But if you’re keen to make the perfect hire, or you’ve had a large number of applications from contractors, it’s also a good idea to hold initial phone interviews before arranging formal interviews.

The benefits of a phone interview:

Below we’ll look in more detail at the main benefits of conducting screening calls like this before meeting with a contractor, so you can decide what’s best for your business.

1. You’ll start getting to know them

First and foremost, conducting a phone interview gives you a more informal way to start getting to know your potential recruit. You can ask some of the more basic interview questions and start to get a feel for their previous experience, qualifications and whether they’d be a suitable fit for the role. All this without taking hours out of your day.

2. It will help you make a shortlist

Screening calls are particularly helpful if you’ve had lots of applications. Once you’ve begun getting a feel for who the contractor is and what they’ve done in the past, you can decide if they meet your specifications and if you’d like to meet with them in person. By conducting a series of phone interviews, you can begin making a shortlist of potential contractors you’d like to interview in person.

3. It’s good for cutting costs

Conducting phone interviews in this way will cut down on time and resources, cutting costs as a result. Meeting with everyone face to face can be time consuming, not to mention you might take hours out of your day to meet with someone who is totally wrong for the job. So by conducting phone interviews you can save time and resources by only interviewing those who are a good match.

4. You can better prepare your interview questions

You can start out by asking some initial and more basic questions over the phone, and making a few notes as you go. This may then trigger more talking points and questions you’d like to ask them during the face to face interview. If they mention something on the phone that you want them to expand on, you can tailor your questions to reflect this. It can also give you some direction when it comes to asking them to prepare a portfolio or to complete any pre-interview tasks.

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