How important is content to SEO?

Content to improve SEO

How important is content to SEO?

It’s that age-old question, is content really that important for my SEO rankings?

Especially when content can be a resource-consuming task for many business owners. Indeed, many websites have to pay to outsource content creators in order to receive high-quality articles for their website.

So, in a time where money can be tonight, here are four reasons why you do need to invest in content:

1: You Need Strategic Use of Keywords to Rank

When a person makes an organic search on a search engine, that engine brings up a set of websites that best match that search. Take, for example, a person is looking for a Mexican restaurant in New York City. They might search something like “best Mexican restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen New York”. The phrase they use will contain keywords or phrases that, if you are a Mexican restaurant in New York, you will want to rank for.

If you can find the keywords that people will regularly search that could relate to your business, these keywords and phrases can then be added strategically in your website content so that you are more likely to show up in search results.

2: Search Engines Like Relevant and Valuable Content

Adding keywords to your website needs to be, as mentioned above, strategic. You can’t just add a list of searchable terms onto a page of your website and expect search engines to accept them. In fact, Google and other popular search engines demand relevant content. Which means, content that would be valuable to people that use your product or services.

Take the Mexican restaurant example, you would expect their blog to have recipes on Mexican foods, information about Mexico and news about the business. You would not expect to see a blog on crochet or sheep, though – irrelevant content.

3: Content Makes Your Website More Trusted

Traffic is key for any website, but this is especially important if you sell products on your website. Traffic means sales! Without traffic, you won’t have people coming to your website, which means no sales. However, traffic is one thing, but if your visitors aren’t getting transferred into sales, then your SEO score can suffer.

One of the biggest reasons why traffic isn’t converted to sales is due to a lack of content. A website with a lot of content and a healthy blog, is one that is trusted by people. The more people use your website, the more it gets talked about on social media, boosting your SEO.

4: Good Content Makes the Way for Good Backlinks

High-quality backlinks from good websites are fundamental if you want to stand out from your competitors. So, how do you get these backlinks? Especially when they cannot simply be bought.

Gaining quality backlinks can be a big of a slog for business owners, but one way to drastically improve your chance of getting backlinks is by ensuring that you have lots of good content on your site. As a website full of quality content is exactly where other sites want to have their own backlinks on too.

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