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6 benefits of using a full service agency for your upcoming project

Full Service Agency

6 benefits of using a full service agency for your upcoming project

If you’ve got a big project coming up, you might be considering the most cost and time efficient way to go about this, whilst still achieving the best results. A full service agency could be just what you need! You may not have heard of this before term before as years ago it was more commonly associated with the advertising industry. But nowadays as technology creates more opportunities an increasing number of businesses are turning to these companies for their full range of services. So what exactly is a full service agency? Well, they take on your project and manage it end to end, that means from planning to implementation, all the way through to completion. As part of this service they scout and provide the most talented professionals for the job to ensure the best possible results. There are a huge number of benefits for choosing a full service agency, as outlined below.

1. It’s more cost effective

A full service agency will be able to give you a quote for their services and you can agree upon a budget for your project. This can be helpful in ensuring a project doesn’t cost more than planned. Not only this, but the agency will hire industry experts to take on your project meaning that you get a more widespread level of service for your money and it’s cheaper than having to take on the recruitment process yourself.

2. You’ll get a better level of service

As part of the service often requires the use of contractors or freelancers to take on specific parts of the project, they’ll likely have a network of talented professionals on their database. This ensures that you get only the best service. Not to mention that the agency themselves want to ensure your project is completed on time and to the highest standard. Choosing a reputable agency is key. Do your research and look on their website for testimonials, or get in touch to find out about their services. Choosing an agency with a good reputation is the best way to guarantee good service.

3. They’ll have better brand awareness

By handing your project to one agency they’ll be able to build a really strong understanding of your brand. They’ll also be able to get a good idea of your company’s goals and what you want to achieve from said project. This can then be relayed to any contractors or employees working on your project to ensure that everything aligns for the best overall result.

4. You’ll have strategic control

When handing the project over it’s likely that you’ll be given a dedicated account manager from the full service agency. They will be your chief point of contact, able to give you updates on your how everything is coming along. This means you can be as involved (or not involved) as you like, giving you strategic control. You can arrange for daily, weekly or monthly updates to suit your needs.

5. You will save your own time and resources

Whether it is an MVP you are after or a long term solution; allowing the agency to run every step of the project you’ll save your own time and resources. It means you don’t have to recruit for the different roles and the agency can use their network to ensure that the perfect person is chosen for each job. You will also relieve the pressure as the agency take over the project management side of things and you can sit back and wait for them to deliver.

6. Integration is key

By running everything through a full service agency all the channels are brought together. As previously stated, you’ll receive easy-to-digest updates from the company containing only the important information that you need to know. This streamlines the whole process making sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

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