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Three Big Marketing Challenges

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How to Meet the Three Biggest Marketing Challenges Successfully

So, why is marketing such a challenging activity?

Depending upon the marketer, there can be multiple challenges to marketing. But if you look closely, we are mostly troubled most of the time by the three biggest challenges of marketing.

If you want to make your marketing fun, easier and more successful, you need to learn how to meet those challenges.

These are the three biggest marketing challenges:

Challenge #1 Communicating Value

When you are offering a product / service, the challenge is to clearly communicate its value. Customers will not buy your services if they are not worth to them. Your message cannot be confusing or vague; it should be clear and helpful and explain the value of the product or service.

Outlining the top 3 attributes your service possesses is one way to zero in on the worth of your service. That’s clearly helpful and easy to understand. That sort of valuable and clear message is probably going to get response, interest, and attention.

Investing time and effort to work on your message, analyse data and fine-tune it. Keep testing it till it gets a positive response is one among the most vital things you can probably do.

To be successful at this you need to get inside the heads of your ideal customers and try to know what could make their jobs more productive and easier, what isn’t working for them, what problems they struggle with frequently, and what it is that they want the most.

It is a great deal easier to come up with powerful marketing messages when you have that selling intelligence.

Challenge #2 Visibility

Repeating your message impressions over time is the second biggest challenge. That makes your business visible. It will take many impressions before a customer responds to your marketing message.

Your core task is to get your message in front of your prospective clients on a consistent basis. Identifying marketing strategies that enable you to do exactly this is what you need if you wish to be effective at your marketing.

You’re looking for bit-by-bit, tested directions so you can decide if a technique is correct for you and if you can fit it into your schedule on an everyday basis. Keep in mind that irregular implementation is often a waste of your time.

The third biggest challenge is also the most vital of all to overcome.

Challenge #3 Keeping your nerve

Setbacks will definitely be there at times, so sticking to the correct marketing mindset and attitude over time is the third biggest challenge.  Your marketing will never accomplish the results you want if you cannot maintain the three R’s of success – resilience, resourcefulness, and responsibility.

These 3Rs are absolutely essential.


This is the most powerful attribute of all. It’s what allows you to bounce back from failures, setbacks, and adversity. You’ll no doubt experience all of those over and over again if you are working to pull in great customers.


The ability to utilise your skills and talents to quickly find smart ways to find solutions and overcome difficulties. Being resourceful means you cannot be full of fears and doubts of rejection or failure.


What does responsibility mean? It means the stand that the buck stops with you. You will be accountable for bringing results to the table, and won’t blame circumstances or make excuses. The only person who will find some way to draw in customers will be you and you won’t give up unless you find that way.

Marketing is a numbers game to some degree. So you’ll notice a better response when you increase your visibility. Your question might be, “What can I do to get my message before more of the right people this month?”

And after you enhance your resilience, resourcefulness, and responsibility, you will find that playing the game becomes a lot of fun and easier. The 3Rs are the fuel that helps you to keep on with the primary 2 challenges.

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