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Should your company outsource the recruitment process?

Outsource recruitment process

Why should your company outsource recruitment process?

One of the latest trends of recruitment is contracting other professional parties to find the right people and to create the talent pipeline. Outsourcing the recruitment process is a practice followed mostly by middle and large sized companies, where finding the right candidates requires a lot of time and resources. The contracted third party can take partial care of the recruitment process or the whole of it, depending on what your needs are.

What are the benefits of contracting a third party to do the hiring for you?

Saves time and money Companies that specialise in recruitment, in most cases manage to find the right candidates quicker than the company in need would, due to their experience in the job market and the economies of scale. They know where to find the right candidates and how to approach them. Very often, recruiters already have created a talent database from constant recruiting and previous projects. Furthermore, they are constantly recruiting which gives them access to the latest tools and trends of the market.

Save time and save money

Outsourcing this process would save you time. A faster recruitment process is translated directly to higher cost savings. Your costs decrease from simply shortening the search process as well as from filling the empty position itself, which means increased productivity for the entire team.

What about internal recruitment?

High quality hires As mentioned above, the third-party recruiters know where to look for the right talent pool. A good recruitment company can bring to its clients the right candidates. When the recruitment is done internally, the risk of overlooking good candidates is high because of the time pressure or simply because of a large candidate pool. Professional recruiters focus closely on each candidate and send to you the ones that fit the job description and the company culture the best.

Moreover, hiring a third party for the recruitment process gives your HR team more time to focus on the on-board and training process. A good on-board process increases the productivity of the new hires. Your company can find the right candidate to hire for a job opening and save time and money by contracting a good third party to undertake the recruitment process.

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