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The importance of on-campus recruitment – how to do it right?

On Campus Recruitment

The importance of on-campus recruitment – how to do it right?

Recruiting talent directly at the university’s campus is gaining vast popularity among recruiters. Above all, this recruiting method helps your company create a young talent pipeline. In addition, it increases the awareness of your brand among students who are about to graduate. Setting your presence in your local universities’ campuses results in students getting exposed to your brand early in their career. Even if you don’t recruit them at the time, they will remember your employer brand, which will give you an advantage at attracting them later in the job market.

There are a few methods you can use to make the most out of on-campus recruiting.

Attend job fairs

Attending job fairs can be beneficial for several reasons. As a recruiter, you meet face to face with several candidates in a short period of time. This short time frame is not only an opportunity for job seekers to present their resume and their skills but is also a chance for you to market your employer brand. Furthermore, such events help you see certain things from a different (new) perspective. You meet with different personalities which might make you realise that your company needs something that was not on your plans before. But most importantly, during such events, you can closely observe your competitors’ hiring strategy and maybe realise what needs to be improved in yours.

Be active in student clubs

Student clubs organise different events that usually gather a large campus audience. Use these events in your benefit and such clubs as your brand ambassador. You can participate in clubs’ events as a speaker, representing your company or you can help the clubs financially and get recognition in return. Both ways will help you increase your brand awareness among the student body. Once students are aware of your company, you can use club leaders and the university’s career centre as your messenger for future job postings.

Provide scholarships

Several companies provide scholarships to students with talent that fits the company needs, hoping that in return these students will join their team in the future. This is a great method because if you manage to recruit such students, you don’t win just the talent but also loyalty. The recipients of the scholarship will associate their success with your brand which will make it difficult for them to switch companies afterwards. However, this method is not always a success. Sometimes giving such scholarships will result in sunk costs for the company simply because the recipient student might not be interested in the job or the company at all.

Overall, being active on students’ campuses is always beneficial for you as a recruiter because it helps improve your brand awareness and helps create a talent pipeline.

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