Increasing traffic through link building

Link Building for website SEO

Increasing traffic through link building

The Internet has become a very important tool in making business (not only). With its benefits becoming almost common knowledge, everyone is setting up their online presence. Setting up a profile or creating a website, is the easy part. The challenge begins when you want your presence to reach more people on the internet. The easiest way to do so is to have your page ranked high among search engines. The search engine uses a specific algorithm to rank your page according to specific keywords. Link building is one of the most important factors when it comes to optimizing Search Engine results. It is the practice of using hyperlinks to point from one website to another. Explained in simple terms, it is like one website is suggesting you go check out this other website. As a general rule, the more links point to your website, the higher the ranking. However, the engine does not take the linking for granted; it uses a specific algorithm to do the ranking. Which means not all linking has the same importance.

What are some of the steps you can take, to improve link building for your website?

You should pay attention to which sites you do the linking. Try to avoid spam sites as the engine would associate pages that link to each other as similar and you don’t want yours to be seen as spam. The most popular the site is the higher the importance of the linking; those are generally sites with good, credible content. Using such sites to do the linking, increases the authority of your website as well. Always use a website that is similar to yours, to link. The engine gets signals from these sites to define what your website is really about. So, if you are a recruiting company you would prefer to link to another HR related website instead of a gardening one.

You don’t have another trustworthy website to do so?

Don’t worry, internal linking can achieve the same results. Internal linking is similar to the linking we mentioned above but, it directs one page of your website to another. Thus, giving importance to this specific page, helping it rank higher in the search engine. No matter how good you are at SEO and link building, the best advice for increasing traffic to your website is to create high-quality content. You should put your focus on your content and if it’s good, the rest will follow. Other websites will link to yours voluntary if they are interested in what you are providing. It is important to remember that linking is not only for “manipulating” search engine rankings. It also helps bring more audience by clicking at these links. This audience is genuinely interested in your content and will most probably take an extra step and share it with others.

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