How to choose between two great contractors

Meeting to decide between two contractors

Choosing Between Two Great Contractors

It’s not a bad position to find yourself in, having to decide between two great contractors. But after the time and resource you’ve put into the recruitment process, the last thing you want to do is make the wrong choice. So to help you out, here’s a few simple ways you can pick between two great candidates and ensure you make the right call.

Review your notes

If you’ve shortlisted two talented candidates but you are unsure which to offer the contract to, it’s time to review your notes again. Look back over their CV, application and any notes you made during their interview. Are they both ticking the right boxes, or on reflection is one candidate standing out more than the other? If so, this can help you to make your decision.

Set them a task

If you’ve gone back through your notes but you’re still unsure, it can be helpful to set both candidates a task or ask them to take an aptitude test. Once you’ve got the results, you can do a direct comparison between the two.

Ask for references

Still stuck? Why not ask someone else for their opinion. Asking for references can be extremely helpful as it allows you to speak to others who have worked with them before. Alternatively, they may have their own website set up to sell their freelance services, which includes client testimonials or a portfolio of their work. If so, check these out as well.

Think about your company culture

One of the biggest deciding factors needs to be your company culture. Who is going to be the best fit for your team and who will make a real contribution to the existing culture. Take a look at your two potential hires and decide who you think would be easiest to get on with, who would get the most involved with the team and who you’d most like to work with yourself. This can help you to come to a final decision.

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