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Choosing the right CRM software for your business

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CRM software – How do you make the right decision?

Managing client relationships can be tough for business and it is probably the most important area for both winning and retaining customers. As business scales it can become harder to ensure that relationships are managed well. Imagine you need to manage 100+ customers in a day, do they like your product or services? how is their business doing, and what are their short and longer term needs? These questions (and others) are really important in deciding if your customers will leave or stay with your business; and an effective CRM software can help!

To help keep track, there are business software packages that can help. To avoid forgetting vital customers when your contacts are growing fast, it is time to look for a CRM software package. CRM or Customer Relationship Management manages your customer and sales profiles of your business, keeps track of your customers, and manages your contacts, helps you pipeline and provides the tools to assist nurturing your relationship with your client.

Why invest in a CRM software package?

To maintain and track customer contact data, it is more organised, smarter, and faster than a traditional CRM method and utilises the latest modern technologies accessible. A CRM tool will assist you take advantage of social media, track customer purchases, deliver targeted email marketing campaigns, and set goals, all in one comprehensive package.

CRM will benefit any department in your organisation because one CRM is synchronised to the whole business making decision-making, collaboration, and sharing a lot more accurate and quicker than before.

As an example, if you wish to keep track of invoices, client info, contracts, etc. a CRM software package is extremely helpful as all these information are in a single place, promptly accessible whenever required.

What’s more, CRM can send a customised email to different customer types. This cannot be manually done because you will end up hitting the wrong customer with the wrong marketing email.

How to select the right CRM for your company?

When selecting a CRM for your company, you would want to get a package that’s appropriate for the scale of your business. The most basic CRM enables you to manage contacts under a shared database. And if you have advanced CRM you can make use of opportunity tracking or sales tracking service to target interested customers. Match the capabilities of the software package with your company goals.

Select a usable CRM

To be able to implement CRM in your company you have to know how to use it. Explore how easy it is to locate what you are looking for and how you can easily navigate through different tasks. If your staff cannot easily navigate through the software package, you could possibly be using a wrong CRM. But expect that you will need to some short term help implementing the solution.

Select a CRM with nice integration

Get yourself a CRM that integrates marketing, helpdesk, accounting, invoice, etc in one place. Before you purchase it take a look at the solution integrations.

Select a CRM that matches your process

Before selecting a CRM review your internal workflows then look for a CRM to match with it. You are simply wasting your time if you’ve got a software package but you do not understand what to do with it.

Select a well-supported CRM

It is unrealistic to expect that your CRM will not have any troubles or issues. Who do you turn to when that happens? You should have support for small business CRM. Before you decide on a package look into their support resources and see if they have active user forums, large help articles, and are quick to respond, so that issues can be easily solved if and when one arises.


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