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Bright Reach is a community of UK based professional consultants and contractors.

Bright Reach can also help companies find extra personnel for projects or to complement existing teams. We offer a traditional consultant and contractor recruitment, and as our community reputation is our life blood we will always go the extra mile to find businesses the perfect people for their projects.

Require a full end to end service? By leveraging the network and in-house principle consultants Bright Reach can provide an end to end full agency service that ensures success for every project and at competitive pricing.

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Full Agency Service

Bright Reach can provide an end to end full service agency to help make every project a success. By leveraging the Bright Reach network projects are delivered on time and a competitive prices.

  • Commercial & operational strategy
  • Tactical execution
  • Technical deployments
  • Company-wide initiatives

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Search Service

Need project members on site to support in-house teams? We offer a traditional contractor and consultant recruitment agency service.

  • Establishing your needs through consultation
  • Search candidates outside the network
  • Quality candidates
  • Competitive rates
  • Payroll services

Our Members' Experience

Bright Reach’s professional business consultants and contractors have wide-ranging experience, including top consultancy firms, telecommunication, banking, media, and much more. Here are a few examples of the companies our members have worked for:

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